Clear value proposition and intuitive design driving user engagement.
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About Agora

Agora is a comprehensive governance platform designed for blockchain protocols and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). It provides an end-to-end governance system that allows projects to deploy and manage their governance processes without writing code. Agora streamlines decision-making, proposal creation, and voting mechanisms, enabling projects to focus on their core protocol development while ensuring efficient and transparent governance.

About the website

Agora's homepage exemplifies effective product led growth strategies for a B2B SaaS website. The page opens with a clean, minimalist design that immediately draws attention to the main value proposition.

The navigation bar is simple and straightforward, offering easy access to 'Product' and 'About' sections. This user-friendly design embodies the product led growth principle of making it simple for visitors to explore the platform's features and benefits.

The hero section of the homepage is particularly impactful, with a bold headline that reads "Make good governance your competitive advantage with Agora." This powerful statement directly addresses the unique selling point of the platform, aligning perfectly with conversion rate optimization (CRO) best practices. The subheading further elaborates on the value proposition, emphasizing how Agora allows the best engineers to focus on protocol development while providing a comprehensive governance solution.

A prominent call-to-action button - "Get Started with Agora" - encourages immediate engagement with the product, a key aspect of the product led growth model. This clear CTA guides potential users towards trying out the platform.

The homepage also effectively showcases the product's interface through a large screenshot. This visual representation gives potential users a clear idea of what to expect from the platform, highlighting its user-friendly design and key features such as proposal management and voting mechanisms.

What to take away

Clear Value Proposition

Agora's homepage excels in communicating a clear and compelling value proposition. The headline "Make good governance your competitive advantage with Agora" immediately resonates with the target audience, addressing a specific need for blockchain projects and DAOs. This direct approach is a hallmark of effective product led growth strategies, as it quickly conveys the core benefit of the product to potential users.

Focus on User Benefits

The subheading emphasizes that Agora allows the best engineers to focus on protocol development by providing an end-to-end governance system without requiring any coding. This benefit-oriented messaging is a key aspect of product led growth, as it helps potential users quickly understand how the product can solve their problems and add value to their projects.

Effective Product Showcase

The homepage features a large, detailed screenshot of the Agora platform interface. This visual representation is crucial for B2B SaaS websites, as it gives potential users a clear idea of what to expect from the product. The screenshot showcases key features such as proposal management, voting mechanisms, and governance analytics, which can significantly boost conversion rates by allowing users to visualize the product's value.

Streamlined User Experience

The clean, minimalist design of the homepage exemplifies best practices in B2B SaaS website design. The navigation is straightforward, making it easy for visitors to find relevant information about the product and the company. This user-centric design approach aligns with product led growth principles by reducing friction in the user's journey and encouraging exploration of the platform.

Strong Call-to-Action

Agora's homepage features a prominent and strategically placed call-to-action button for getting started with the platform. This clear CTA is crucial for conversion rate optimization (CRO), as it guides potential users towards taking the next step in their journey. The emphasis on 'getting started' aligns well with product led growth strategies, encouraging users to experience the value of the product firsthand.