Human-centric design with clear value proposition and intuitive navigation.
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About Appraisd

Appraisd is a performance management software designed to enhance employee engagement and productivity. It offers a user-friendly platform that enables organizations to create a home-grown performance management system tailored to their specific needs. The software facilitates effective goal-setting, continuous feedback, and performance tracking, making it easier for managers and employees to have meaningful conversations about professional development and achievements.

About the website

Appraisd's homepage is a stellar example of effective product led growth strategies for a B2B SaaS website. The page opens with a clean, modern design that immediately captures attention with its bold headline: "Performance management software. For humans, created by humans." This human-centric approach resonates with the target audience and sets the tone for the entire user experience.

The navigation bar is simple and intuitive, offering easy access to key sections such as 'Product', 'Why Appraisd', 'Solutions', 'Pricing', 'Resources', and 'About'. This user-friendly design embodies the product led growth principle of making it simple for visitors to explore the platform's features and benefits.

The hero section effectively communicates the software's value proposition with a concise statement: "We believe that everyone needs a great manager. So we created a home-grown performance management system that works for everyone." This messaging directly addresses the needs of potential users and aligns with conversion rate optimization (CRO) best practices.

A prominent "Let's talk" call-to-action button encourages immediate engagement, while a subtle "Sign in" option in the top right corner caters to existing users. The homepage also showcases a visual representation of the product interface, giving visitors a glimpse of what to expect from the software.

Social proof is effectively leveraged through a G2 rating badge, displaying Appraisd's high performer status. Additionally, a statistic highlighting "+10k Great conversations per month" adds credibility and demonstrates the software's impact.

The bottom of the page features a statement about leading organizations choosing Appraisd's performance management platform, further reinforcing the software's reliability and market position.

What to take away

Human-Centric Messaging

Appraisd's homepage excels in its human-centric approach to performance management software. The headline "Performance management software. For humans, created by humans" immediately sets a relatable and approachable tone. This messaging strategy aligns perfectly with product led growth principles by emphasizing the user-friendly nature of the software and its focus on meeting human needs in the workplace.

Clear Value Proposition

The homepage effectively communicates Appraisd's value proposition through concise and impactful statements. By highlighting that "everyone needs a great manager" and that their system "works for everyone," Appraisd quickly conveys the core benefits of their product. This clarity is crucial for conversion rate optimization (CRO) as it helps potential users quickly understand how the software can address their performance management challenges.

Visual Product Demonstration

The inclusion of a visual representation of the product interface on the homepage is a strong element of their product led growth strategy. By showcasing a sample of the software's dashboard, complete with progress tracking and goal management features, Appraisd gives visitors a tangible sense of the product's functionality. This approach can significantly enhance user engagement and interest, potentially leading to higher conversion rates.

Effective Use of Social Proof

Appraisd leverages social proof effectively through multiple elements on their homepage. The G2 high performer badge adds credibility to their claims, while the statistic of "+10k Great conversations per month" provides quantifiable evidence of the software's impact. Furthermore, the mention of "Leading organisations choose Appraisd's performance management platform" at the bottom of the page reinforces the software's market position. These elements collectively build trust and can positively influence potential users' decision-making process.

Streamlined User Journey

The homepage design facilitates a smooth user journey, which is crucial for both product led growth and conversion rate optimization. The clear navigation menu, prominent "Let's talk" call-to-action, and the offer of a "15-min discovery call" provide multiple, low-friction entry points for potential users to engage with the product. This approach caters to different user preferences and stages in the decision-making process, potentially increasing conversion rates for this B2B SaaS website.