AI-driven support solution showcased with clear value proposition and visual demo.
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About Kayako

Kayako is an advanced customer support platform that leverages AI technology to streamline and enhance customer service operations. Their latest release, Kayako AI, acts as an AI Co-worker capable of automatically resolving up to 80% of support questions without human intervention, significantly improving the efficiency of support services for businesses.

About the website

Kayako's homepage exemplifies a modern, product-led growth approach to B2B SaaS website design, focusing on their latest AI-powered feature. The page immediately captures attention with a bold headline: "Kayako AI can now answer up to 80% of support questions", highlighting the product's key value proposition.

The subheading introduces Kayako AI as "your ultimate AI Co-worker", emphasizing the product's role in enhancing support efficiency. This is further elaborated in a brief paragraph explaining how the AI technology resolves support questions without human intervention, directly addressing potential time and resource savings for businesses.

The right side of the page showcases a visual representation of the Kayako AI interface, giving visitors a glimpse of the product in action. This aligns with product-led growth strategies by allowing potential users to visualize how the product works before even signing up.

The page also displays multiple award badges, adding credibility and social proof to Kayako's offerings. The clean, intuitive navigation bar at the top allows easy exploration of features, solutions, pricing, and resources, catering to visitors at different stages of the customer journey.

A prominent "Request A Demo" button in the top right corner provides a clear call-to-action for interested prospects, facilitating the next step in the conversion funnel. This layout and content structure effectively combines product showcase, value proposition, and conversion optimization elements.

What to take away

Compelling Value Proposition

Kayako's homepage immediately communicates a strong value proposition centered around their AI technology. By stating that Kayako AI can answer up to 80% of support questions, they directly address a major pain point for businesses - the time and resources required for customer support. This clear, quantifiable benefit aligns perfectly with product-led growth strategies, showing potential users exactly how the product can improve their operations.

Visual Product Demonstration

The homepage effectively uses visual elements to showcase the product in action. The right side of the page displays a mock-up of the Kayako AI interface, giving visitors a preview of what they can expect. This approach is crucial in B2B SaaS website design, as it helps potential customers understand the product's functionality and user experience before they even sign up for a demo or trial.

Social Proof and Credibility

Kayako leverages social proof effectively by displaying multiple award badges on their homepage. These accolades, including "Leader" and "Users Love Us" badges, build trust and credibility with potential customers. In the competitive B2B SaaS landscape, such third-party validation can significantly influence decision-making and improve conversion rates.

Clear Call-to-Action

The homepage features a prominent "Request A Demo" button in the top right corner, providing a clear next step for interested visitors. This straightforward call-to-action is a key element of conversion rate optimization (CRO), making it easy for potential customers to engage further with the product. The placement and design of this button make it stand out without overwhelming the overall design of the page.

Intuitive Navigation

The clean and intuitive navigation bar at the top of the page allows visitors to easily explore different aspects of Kayako's offerings. By providing quick access to features, solutions, pricing, and resources, Kayako caters to visitors at various stages of the customer journey. This user-friendly design supports product-led growth by enabling potential customers to find the information they need to make informed decisions about the product.