Clear, action-oriented design with compelling value proposition and low-friction trial offer.
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About Shopify

Shopify is a comprehensive e-commerce platform that enables businesses of all sizes to create and manage online stores. It offers a wide range of tools and features for website building, inventory management, payment processing, and marketing, making it easier for entrepreneurs and established brands to sell products and services online.

About the website

Shopify's homepage exemplifies a strong product led growth strategy, immediately showcasing the platform's value proposition and encouraging user engagement. The page opens with a bold, attention-grabbing headline: "Making Commerce Better for Everyone," which succinctly communicates Shopify's mission and broad appeal.

The hero section features a compelling background video, adding dynamism to the page and visually representing the diverse range of entrepreneurs Shopify supports. This aligns with their subheading, which emphasizes Shopify's commitment to supporting "the next generation of entrepreneurs, the world's biggest brands, and everyone in between."

In line with product led growth principles, the page prominently displays two clear calls-to-action: "Start free trial" and "Watch the Shopify story." These options cater to different user preferences, allowing potential customers to either immediately engage with the product or learn more about the company's vision.

The navigation bar is clean and intuitive, embodying the ease-of-use that Shopify promises. It offers quick access to key sections such as Solutions, Pricing, and Resources, making it simple for visitors to find relevant information. The "What's new" section in the navigation bar also suggests regular updates and improvements, reinforcing Shopify's commitment to innovation.

By offering a "Get 3 days free then 1 month for $1" trial, Shopify reduces the barrier to entry, encouraging users to experience the platform's value firsthand. This approach is central to product led growth, allowing the product itself to drive user acquisition and retention.

What to take away

Compelling Value Proposition

Shopify's homepage immediately communicates its core value with the headline "Making Commerce Better for Everyone." This powerful statement not only describes what Shopify does but also emphasizes its inclusive approach, appealing to a wide range of potential users from small entrepreneurs to large brands. The subheading further reinforces this by explicitly mentioning support for "the next generation of entrepreneurs, the world's biggest brands, and everyone in between." This clear and inclusive value proposition is crucial for effective product led growth, as it helps visitors quickly understand how Shopify can benefit their business.

Engaging Visual Elements

The use of a dynamic background video on the homepage is a standout feature that enhances user engagement. This visual element not only makes the page more attractive but also serves to illustrate the diversity of Shopify's user base, reinforcing the platform's broad appeal. The video likely showcases various entrepreneurs and businesses, which can help potential users envision themselves using the platform. This approach aligns well with product led growth strategies by creating an immediate emotional connection and demonstrating the product's relevance to a wide audience.

Low-Friction Trial Offer

Shopify's prominent display of its trial offer - "Get 3 days free then 1 month for $1" - is an excellent example of reducing barriers to product adoption, a key principle of product led growth. By offering an extended period to try the platform at minimal cost, Shopify encourages potential users to experience the product's value firsthand. This strategy can significantly increase conversion rates as users are more likely to commit to a product they've already used and found valuable. The placement and clarity of this offer on the homepage make it impossible to miss, potentially driving higher trial sign-ups.

Clear and Action-Oriented CTAs

The homepage features two distinct call-to-action buttons: "Start free trial" and "Watch the Shopify story." These CTAs cater to different user intents, allowing visitors to either immediately engage with the product or learn more about the company's vision. The "Start free trial" button, in particular, embodies the product led growth approach by encouraging direct interaction with the product. The contrasting design of these buttons makes them stand out on the page, guiding visitors towards taking action. This dual approach can effectively capture leads at different stages of the decision-making process, potentially improving overall conversion rates.

User-Friendly Navigation

The clean and intuitive navigation bar at the top of the page exemplifies Shopify's commitment to user-friendliness, a crucial aspect of product led growth. The clearly labeled sections - Solutions, Pricing, Resources, and What's new - make it easy for visitors to find relevant information quickly. This ease of navigation reflects the simplicity and accessibility that Shopify promises in its e-commerce solutions. By showcasing this user-friendly design right from the homepage, Shopify demonstrates its focus on creating a positive user experience, which is essential for driving product adoption and user satisfaction in a product led growth model.