Prime users to take action by framing account creation as "Start my page"

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Buy Me a Coffee frames the account creation process as "Start my page" rather than using generic terms like "Create account" or "Sign up." This language primes users to perceive creating an account as a positive and proactive step, increasing their motivation to proceed.
a screenshot of the signup flow explaining how to Prime users to take action by framing account creation as "Start my page"
a screenshot of the signup flow explaining how to Prime users to take action by framing account creation as "Start my page"
a screenshot of the signup flow explaining how to Prime users to take action by framing account creation as "Start my page"

Business Outcome

Conversion Rates

Increase the number of visitors who start the process of creating a page.

Behavioral Outcome

Endowment Effect

The phrase "Start my page" implies a sense of initiation and personal ownership. This primes users to be more receptive to the idea of starting their own page and encourages them to take action.

The Behavioral Science

The Endowment Effect

A psychological phenomenon where people assign a higher value to objects they own or possess compared to those they do not own. By framing the account as already belonging to the user before they sign up, Buy Me a Coffee leverages this effect to increase perceived value and attachment to the account.

How It Works

When users see the "Start my page" button, they are primed to feel a sense of ownership over the account they are about to create.

This perceived ownership leads them to attribute greater significance and importance to their account. Additionally, it fosters an emotional connection, as users envision the account as already being theirs, reinforcing the endowment effect.

How It Might Backfire

Misinterpretation of Intent

Some users may misinterpret "Start my page" as indicating they are immediately launching or publishing a page upon clicking. If they are not prepared for this level of commitment, they may feel misled or frustrated.

Increased Friction

The assertive wording may introduce cognitive friction for users not yet ready to commit to creating a page. They may feel pressured or rushed, leading them to abandon the process.

How To Test

A/B Test

Randomly assign users visiting the homepage to one of two groups: Group A sees the original homepage with a standard "Create account" or "Sign up" button. Group B sees the homepage with the modified "Start my page" button. Track the actions of users in both groups, focusing on the conversion rate (percentage of users who initiate page creation).

Compare the conversion rates between the two groups. If Group B shows a higher conversion rate, it suggests the "Start my page" framing is more effective in encouraging action.

Conduct further iterations of A/B testing by refining the wording, placement, or design of the button to optimize its effectiveness.

Frequently Asked Questions

To enhance a product-led growth (PLG) model using Buy Me a Coffee's signup tactic, frame your account creation process with action-oriented language that emphasizes personal ownership. Instead of generic terms like 'Create account' or 'Sign up,' use phrases like 'Start my journey' or 'Launch my project.'

This approach leverages the endowment effect, making users feel a sense of ownership before they even create an account. By doing so, you can increase user motivation to engage with your product from the outset, potentially leading to higher activation rates and faster time-to-value—key metrics in PLG models. Remember to ensure that the language aligns with your product's value proposition and user expectations to maximize its effectiveness.

To improve conversion rates using Buy Me a Coffee's signup tactic, reframe your call-to-action (CTA) for account creation in a way that primes users for action and ownership. Instead of a standard 'Sign up' button, use language like 'Start my account' or 'Begin my experience.'

This approach can increase conversion rates by leveraging the endowment effect, making users feel a sense of ownership and attachment to the account before they even create it. The personalized, action-oriented language can also reduce hesitation and motivate users to take the next step. To maximize effectiveness, ensure that the framing aligns with your product's value proposition and test different variations to find the most compelling wording for your specific audience.

To optimize your website using Buy Me a Coffee's signup tactic, incorporate action-oriented, personalized language throughout your user journey, particularly in call-to-action buttons and signup forms. Instead of generic phrases, use wording that implies ownership and initiation, such as 'Start my subscription' or 'Create my profile.'

This approach can optimize your website by increasing user engagement and motivation to take action. The personalized language creates a sense of ownership, leveraging the endowment effect to make users more invested in the process. Apply this tactic not just to signup buttons, but also to other key conversion points on your site. Remember to maintain consistency in tone and messaging across your website to reinforce this psychological effect and improve overall user experience.

To A/B test Buy Me a Coffee's signup tactic, create two versions of your signup or account creation process. Version A should use standard language like 'Create account' or 'Sign up,' while Version B should use action-oriented, personalized language like 'Start my page' or 'Launch my profile.'

Randomly assign visitors to each version and track key metrics such as click-through rates on the signup button, completion rates of the signup process, and subsequent user engagement. Also, consider collecting qualitative feedback through user surveys to understand the perceived value and appeal of each version. Analyze the results to determine which approach leads to better outcomes for your specific product and user base. Remember to test multiple variations of the personalized language to find the most effective phrasing for your audience.

Buy Me a Coffee's signup tactic improves user experience by creating a sense of ownership and personal investment from the very beginning of the user journey. By framing the signup process as 'Start my page,' users are primed to view the account as already belonging to them, leveraging the endowment effect.

This approach can make the signup process feel more engaging and meaningful to users, potentially reducing hesitation and increasing motivation to complete the process. The personalized language also helps to create an emotional connection between the user and the platform, which can lead to increased engagement and satisfaction. However, it's important to ensure that this framing aligns with user expectations to avoid any potential confusion or frustration.